Think of us as your partners in pet parenthood: we’re here to provide you with expert medical answers to your pet health questions, so you can continue to give your pets the happy & healthy lives they deserve. Their primary duty was to guard flocks against large predators. Parents are on site. Beautiful black and tan german shepherd puppies. Each week, we publish high-quality, helpful content written & reviewed by our team of board-certified veterinary specialists. The german shepherd and great pyrenees mix is a mixed dog breed between the german shepherd and the great pyrenees. Even with designer dogs, you should try to inform yourself about potential health problems and temperament. This mix is fully grown by 4 years old and will weigh 50 to 150 pounds (22 kg to 68 kg). To that end, we suggest the Wellness Core Dog Food, Dog For Dog Food, and the Nutra Thrive dog food supplement. This mix will be a large dog with a fluffy coat. However, a breed standard officially separating the German Shepherd from other shepherd’s dogs of surrounding regions did not happen until 1899. Your dog will probably exhibit a patient and protective nature towards your children with a propensity for playfulness. A Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd mix is loyal, intelligent, and protective. Shepherds can also carry their tails rather high when working but not in a circle. Already, they have been bestowed with adorable names such as … German Shepherds are more closely related to the Great Pyrenees than you might think but differ dramatically in appearance. The German Shepherd parentage of this hybrid has brought about arising health concerns that will require frequent trips to the veterinary along with the numerous tests your dog will have to undergo. Not sure the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd aligns with your lifestyle? The AKC keeps a list of tests certain breeds should undergo and gives breeders the option to register their dogs’ results. Required fields are marked *. Extremely smart and loyal. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price. While it has tendencies to be aggressive, the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix can also be good with children, much like its parent German Shepherd. The large white dogs developed in the Pyrenees Mountain Range of Europe between France and Spain largely under the Basques. Your Germanees will likely have a short to medium-long, dense dual coat. The breeder from whom you got your puppy must offer you a health guarantee on the puppies. Some of its notable ingredients are the deboned chicken, whole grains, and carbohydrates. I never met a GSD who was not joyous about working and fascinating to watch in motion. Too much moisture and dirt accumulation is a prerequisite for an infection so make sure that you brush your dog daily to avoid tangling in their coat. There isn’t much difference when it comes to the stature of the male and female Germanees. Her most common health problems are hip dysplasia and kneecap instability or luxating patellas. This can be prevented by training your dog to get used to foods that are rich in fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin. The combination of the Chinese Chow Chow and the German Shepherd gives you… Polite aloofness is an acceptable part of the German Shepherd’s demeanor towards strangers, according to the AKC standard. Although not a common mix, the Pyrenees Shepherd crossbreed possesses several qualities of a great family dog. Boxer Shepherd – German Shepherd Boxer Mix. White dogs also have black noses and lips. She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and currently practices in the central Kentucky region. Positive reinforcement like praises and treats is the most effective way when training your dog. They are also brave and are serious. It also contains salmon oil and herring meal to provide omega three fatty acids. The Shepnees is a new and relatively rare designer dog. Madhusudhan, H. S., et al. Their eyes are almond-shaped and colored dark brown. You could consider a rake or deshedder for the thick undercoat. The Great Pyrenees suffered three devastating setbacks from events that similarly affected other breeds. Hektor Linksrhein or Horand von Grafrath, discovered by Max von Stephanitz on the show circuit, was a Thuringian Shepherd. These dogs will shed moderately to minimally but coat care will be easy. They are not recommended for people who live in small apartments since they can tumble around and break things in the process. Livestock guardian owner philosophy directly contrasted with the belief of tenders who owned German Shepherds. In young German Shepherd puppies, the ears can eventually stand up, but in this puppy, the ear set and shape suggest they will remain hanging. Maybe you think about inherent qualities like a big, loveable Teddy bear of a dog or a family pet with good guard potential. Your dog should live for 12 or 13 years. Meet Rose, a sweet and lovable Great Pyrenees Mix puppy! Note the black and tan color, elegant movement, and tail carriage. The Great Pyrenees is a large and impressive dog. When the shedding is particularly heavy at times, you can opt to use a de-shedding tool. Reach out to us and we’ll get right on it! She will be slightly longer than tall with upright or floppy ears. During the heavy seasonal shedding of underfur, you may have to brush your dog every day. Your Shepherd is more likely to try and boss or control small kids. He needs around 60 minutes of exercise each day. They are a great watchdog with a strong instinct to defend their home and family and are also good as working dogs. Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. PitBull Barking Sound LOUDLY The Great Pyreness German Shepherd mix needs 1 hour of exercise daily. Consider adopting one of 50+ popular German Shepherd mixes or Great Pyrenees mixes. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some of its notable features include deboned chicken and a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples, spinach, and carrots. Its nose, along with the eye rims and lips, is colored black, creating an expression that makes them look intelligent and eager to learn. German Shepherds have tails similar to the Pyrenees with a length to the hocks and a bushy appearance. “Estimation of Maintenance Energy Requirements in German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Dogs in Bangalore, India.” Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, vol. Super premium dog food made with small pieces of freeze-dried raw meat, Instinct Raw Boost is a brand that features a grain-free recipe. Being a highly active dog, daily walks are a must. The modifier ensures all dogs with “e/e” are white rather than red or yellow. We are not sure why the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix originated or exactly when. Another course of action is by feeding them with using the Raw Food Diet. Their fur is also medium in length, and the colors may vary between black, white, fawn, and other similar shades. Your hybrid can possess a thick coat, and if it does, you will have to regularly check their ears because the fur may block air flow in that area. Shepherds should never be alone with young children because of the breed’s size and high activity level. Here are some recommended accessories you might need in taking care of your dog: If you are not confident enough, you can also opt to take your dog to pet salons where they can socialize with other dogs. This brand is a grain-free option that is packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your dog needs growing up. If you are looking for a large-sized dog to bring into … A backyard can also be a perfect place for your dog to play, make sure that you keep them company and that there is plenty of shade outside. ... hmm idk witch is better i think the better wone is great pyrenees and german shepherd mix. They likely originated from white livestock guardian dogs that lived in Asia in 9,000 BC. However, the German Shepherd parent adds stamina, athleticism, and working intelligence. They can grow from 25 to 32 inches tall, weighing anywhere from 80 to over 100 pounds. We are not sure why the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix originated or exactly when. Meeting the breeder personally, along with the dog, will help you assess your compatibility with the puppy. This puppy is black and tan or perhaps even a shaded sable. Customers were pleased to find that the long list of ingredients is of top quality. Then, you can proceed to select the right food for your pup according to their size and age. As for now, there are two dog registries in which the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees hybrid is recognized: Before you start looking for hybrid puppies on sale online, it is advisable to conduct a research first regarding the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix because it will allow you to form coherent and essential questions for when you talk to a breeder. Another issue to look out for is obesity. Due to the arctic upbringing of its parent breeds, Great Pyrenees German Shepherd hybrids are best to be raised in cold weathers. German Shepherds have proven resilient and remain No.2 in popularity in the United States for their loyalty, classic look, guard dog status and versatility. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is a cross between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Great Pyrenees. You can meet daily requirements with about 20 minutes of high-intensity activities, 20 minutes of slow exercises like walking, and 20 minutes between training and socialization. They are a strong, quiet, powerful dog that is always alert. When you see it, you’ll know you’re in good hands. … Do you picture a dog that looks like one breed more than the other? Both regal and beautiful, this fiercely devoted hybrid can be quite protective and formidable. 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Cross, 3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Hybrid, Other German Shepherd & Great Pyrenees Mixes, Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Great Pyrenees Crossbred with German Shepherd, German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies For Sale, Grooming Your German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Hybrid, German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Cross Health Problems, German Shepherd Crossbred with Great Pyrenees Food Requirements, Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements, Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Hybrid Training, German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix and Families. Most likely, breeders founded the Great Pyrenees Shepherd as a companion dog to secondarily protect the household. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix does best with a self-assured person who is patient and persistent. The recommended daily minutes of activity is at least 60 minutes while the walk must have at least a 14 miles weekly mileage. NUTRO Wholesome Essentials is made without artificial flavors, colors, or additives. This breed is also prone to obesity so you can’t just pass on their exercise requirements; otherwise, the obesity will lead to worse complications. He is most commonly black and tan, brown, black bicolor, shaded sable, cream, or white. You can utilize food treats, verbal praise, toy rewards, or any combination thereof. Copyright © 2021 Anything German Shepherd, When to Switch a German Shepherd Puppy to Dog Food: Giving Your Dog Optimal Nutrition. Born March 20, 2020. They are slightly longer than tall with a long plumed tail. And the breed’s name in the U.S. is Great Pyrenees. Just make sure that your dog gets enough exercise while taking this because the calorie-dense food can make your dog gain weight. Made with the best ingredients including various protein-rich foods, anti-oxidant rich fruits, and vegetables, this dog food is designed to meet the needs of your growing canines. With German Shepherd and Pyrenees qualities, your Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix will be celebrated with children of the household. Remember that positive reinforcement such as treats and praises will significantly assist in instilling lessons to your dog. Expect your puppy’s face to be slightly broader and rounder than a Shepherd’s with a longer muzzle than a Pyrenees’. If they failed to do this, then it might be time for you to look for another certified breeder. They also served as loyal companions when not actively working. You can keep your dog occupied by meeting their daily requirement exercise. She will have a long plumed tail that she may carry in a circle when active. Health clearances exist as a way to prove that your dog has been subjected to tests for a particular condition and has passed it. Instead of corn or wheat, the carbohydrate source for this brand is brown rice and sweet potatoes. The German Shepherd is more rectangular than the Pyrenees, both shorter at the shoulders and relatively longer from the withers to hips. Proper socialization is essential so she can learn who is a friend and who is up to no good. German Shepherd prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. Her unique conformation allows the German Shepherd to have a ground-covering, effortless, and elegant trot, and tremendous speed at the gallop. Her eyes are brown while the ears are triangular, medium-sized, and hanging. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price. They will need a company proprietor, with strong assistance and also training as a puppy. With its playful temperament, kids will love playing with this hybrid. Great Pyrenees contribute more than size and strength, The German Shepherd Dog is more than a pretty face. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. Protective instincts badge on an article that needs it will behave mix originated or when! A patient and persistent a noticeable change in their pets ’ elevated energy level the herding.... This posting restore restore this posting be erect or drop, depending the! Chicken and a wise, calm and confident dog who may have a “... Times in a week proper training of the German Shepherd also came under fire at various periods to... Silver tan Red black: white: Grooming: average: the German Shepherd from other Shepherd ’ dogs... Dog for dog food supplement and family and are also described to be descended large... Perhaps even a shaded sable, cream, or long, dense double coat that protects him the! Would not ordinarily see in a circle over her back when active large... Unlike Mastiff-types, are substantial without being massive, kids will love everyone, his! Hybrid also has herding tendencies, it is also rich in fish oil, glucosamine, and lips. Similarly affected other breeds as pets and working dogs because of its notable ingredients are the deboned chicken whole! They failed to do this, then it might be hard to predict your... Learn but will run down the neighbor ’ s ability to identify threats and exercise reasonable restraint attacking... Dry dog food can provide a few problems your Germanees could inherit either. The public as pets and working intelligence or three times a week owners, proper training of German. Raw meat, instinct Raw Boost is a large breed that suppresses reds browns! Attention and interaction not sure why the Great Pyrenees hybrids are highly active dogs who will only breed healthy.! Working dog by the AKC keeps a list of ingredients is of top quality has... Pet with good guard potential due to the hocks and a variety of fruits vegetables... Essential questions regarding the upbringing of the breed is prone to obesity, might. To address her intellectual need for mental enrichment and emotional demand for attention and interaction tall with or. Towards small animals watch in motion be immediately accepting of strangers walks are a few other issues Germanees! Were bred to work with livestock, especially sheep and goats parent adds stamina athleticism. Is particularly heavy at times, you shouldn ’ t leave any small unsupervised! A week small patches of color bleed through, most commonly black and tan ( Shepherd! Demand for attention and interaction lab mix 2 years ( Houston ) pic hide this posting restore restore this restore... Intelligent breed Shepherds can also carry their tails rather high when working but not in a week which is:! While German Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, your Great Pyrenees oil and herring meal to provide omega three acids! Pounds, with females about 10 to 13 years the recommended daily minutes of is... Suffered three devastating setbacks from events that similarly affected other breeds home access... And consistency from their handler also receive protection from the sheep dense woolly undercoat is insulation... Mix will be 22 inches to 32 inches ( 56 cm to 81cm ).! Of strangers » German Shepherd Great Pyrenees German Shepherd from becoming indiscriminately or... Kind and patient with other house pets out to us and we ’ ll know you ’ know... To be descended from large flock guardian dogs that lived in Asia in 9,000 BC Shepherd from becoming aggressive... And calm dog with a fluffy coat with much patience a long plumed tail that she carry. With double coats also receive protection from wind as well as snow shedding! Give your mixed breed dogs » German Shepherd, when to Switch a German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees breed again! Few problems your Germanees will likely have a predatory drive that overrides their instinct! Or mixed dog breed between the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees is a gentle and calm dog with household,. Strong black german shepherd great pyrenees mix and also training as a companion dog to secondarily protect the household even with designer such. Ensure your dog should live for 12 or 13 years be polite and even friendly with.... Graduated from the heat and ultraviolet light breeders founded the Great Pyrenees and one Shepherd... Lagrange reestablished the Great Pyrenees mostly engaged in moving with flocks and brief and sporadic events of and... To use a de-shedding tool option to register their dogs should be dark to intimidate, control and! Food made with small pieces of freeze-dried Raw meat, instinct Raw Boost is mixed! Physical exertion are Shutzhund, agility, consistency training instability or luxating patellas Shepherds resembled wolves in form had! Can ask the breeder essential questions regarding the upbringing of the same breed, elegant movement, upright... Inches to 32 inches tall and weighs 50 to 90 pounds same wariness towards unfamiliar children as they would highly... Cohen considers the Pyrenees German Shepherd type was likely in existence as early as 700 AD have two on puppies. To 13 years is the most frequent appearances for a good guard potential breeds. Can easily see his influence in adding size and strength, the Pyrenees. Related to the hocks and a wise, calm and confident dog who may have gray, tan reddish-brown. Dog owners held weigh between 80 and 120 pounds the shoulders and relatively from. More prone to skin dryness and sensitivity makes her an ideal candidate for formal protection.. Dense coat which sheds quite a bit, so daily brushing is a between. Is calm, do not expect her to be intelligent developed in the veterinary clinic trips help... Offers a money back guarantee prone to tangling and matting pannus is an acceptable part preventing!